Reclamation of Civilization


Of the three basic pillars of Western Civilization – Greco-Roman tradition, European culture, and Christianity – the easiest ground to retread is that of the Galilean.  The histories, tribal and courtly, of our European ancestors take specialized study to get acquainted with, and many years of reading.  Reading the classics, and understanding them in context, is a bridge still further.  Christianity, however, was meant to be understood, and experienced, by each successive generation – as though it were discovering it for the first time, as though it were part of a grand continuity, and as if it were the last before the return of the King.

The Church, the un-cucked body of Christ, should be no more than a few blocks walk – more than can be said for a library on medeival history.  If G-R traditions give our culture its bounds and the traditions and histories of our respective European forebears are the viscera found therein, Christianity is the force that animates those to give meaning to them and, in the past, animated them past the frame of all other competing cultures.  That animating force is what I believe can knit the shredded sinews and repair the damage that has been done to Western Civilization since 1912.

This doesn’t require the wholesale conversion of the Western public, but it does have a few prerequisites to success.  First, even those dismissive of or hostile to religion must realize the value the it holds for a general population, and avoid being an impediment to the connection their brothers and sisters wish to make with the Almighty.  Second, the variegated and ennervating practice of importing faceless hordes from hostile, heathen, or incompatible cultures must stop immediately.  Don’t mistake my prescriptions for a plea.  The hordes will be repatriated and the culture will shift to accommodate the three pillars – I merely recommend that those who wish to be on the correct side of history do not stand in the way of these trends.

The strengthening of the Church through a rebirth of muscular Christianity is already beginning, with the realization of how much has been lost – doctrine, property, the moral high ground.  All, however, were conceded with almost no fight, as Western Christians, those who survived the Great Wars, made the mistake of confusing Christ-like meekness for fecklessness.  The loss of the Episcopal church, the Methodist church, and others are a testimony to the victories of the Cultural Marxists as they marched through the institutions, but the empty pews that now honeycomb these churches are the testimony to the failure of these same reavers to decieve.  Having been turned out into the night of a culture awash in relitivism, nihlism, and weakness, it will be easier for the re-formed Church to capture these souls than it would be to convince anyone remaining in the mainline Protestant pews that their lukewarm to evil brand of Churchianity is a withered vine.

If you are a Christian, look for an uncucked, non-Churchian church.  If you are looking, look good and hard.  The churches above are currently few and far between, but never forget that Christ is first, second, and third – a church is simply a community of the likeminded.  If you are neither looking nor already Christian, do not stand in the way of the rebirth of the Faith.  In a country like the US – known for it’s history shaking revivals – this will be like standing in front of a firehose.


The 48 Star Nation


When trying to figure out what to name this blog I reflected on the MAGA slogan Trump has been using.  It’s hard for us to pinpoint exactly when we went off the rails but there’s no shortage of fodder – Roe v Wade, the Immigration Act of 1965 (I’m on record stating this in 2010), the Federal Reserve Act, the Spanish American War.  And it really is hard to say.

As bad as things had gotten vis-a-vis the imperial manifest destiny, the collapse of the “several states” during the War of Northern Aggression, and the raucous and bawdy nature of recent Italian and Irish immigrants, in 1912, when the US admitted New Mexico and Arizona to the Union and hoisted a 48 star flag, the country could still look behind it and see the shadows of the Forefathers on the distant horizon.  With the ascension of Woodrow Wilson as moralist-in-chief those shadows were to grow long with the setting sun and eventually fade.  By the time Hawaii and Alaska were admitted as states, the seeds of our current conflagration were planted.  Eisenhower, in his farewell address (something I hope to look at here in the future), more or less foretold the doom encroaching.  Indeed within 30 years of Alaska and Hawaii coming in, large numbers of those states populations were clamoring to get out – perhaps because they were closest to the door.

Some people may look at the blog title and think  that I have something against our last two states, which, in the case of Alaska could not be further from the truth.  Rather, it is a look not at America in the 50s, but at America in 1912.  1912 is, for me, the last stop at Willoughby.  It is probably too late to reclaim what was lost after 1912, but it’s never too late to enjoy the scenery in retrospect.  We may not be able to look over our shoulders and see the Founders silhouetted on the horizon, but we can look back and see our kin of 1912 gazing at that horizon and wonder what it would have been like to have such an America.  That is the 48 Star Nation.

A look at Vox Day’s 16 points

Having followed Vox Day for almost 15 years, and having been introduced to the concept of the Alt-Right by him, I was pleased to see that he codified his interpretations of it.  With Hillary Clinton throwing us out into the limelight, many people have been struggling with a proper definition – the media to demonize, the Right to grapple with the concept and the Alt-Right to explain itself.  Of all the definitions that have come out recently, I found Vox Day’s to be the best and most in line with my thinking, though I will tackle one or two others here.

  1.  The Alt Right is of the political right in both the American and the European sense of the term. Socialists are not Alt Right. Progressives are not Alt Right. Liberals are not Alt Right. Communists, Marxists, Marxians, cultural Marxists, and neocons are not Alt Right.

This is a very important point to make.  For most of my lifetime, the definition of Right was vastly different in Europe and the US.  I realize now that that is because since at least Russell Kirk’s time and probably as far back as William McKinley, the Progressive strain of Republicans has undone there ability to actually conserve anything.  Conservatism has become very much a debating society on how slowly to retreat in the face of socialism and while debating this pointless rear-guard action, Republicans fell prey to colonizing Neo-Cons.  The timing of this is very interesting to me because while Nixon and Reagan were able to head them off for the most part, Bush was not.  The Neo-Cons careened American foreign policy into the land of the Russo-phobic bizarre, which conveniently distracted the Right from the Culture War.  This distraction led to the undisputed loss of the Culture War and the rise of the SJW.  Now the the blinders have been removed, the  Right in America can see, through the scorched cityscape of the Culture War battlefield, to the elements of Rightism that our European brothers had been fighting for all along – chief among them, nationalism.

2.  The Alt Right is an ALTERNATIVE to the mainstream conservative movement in the USA that is nominally encapsulated by Russel Kirk’s 10 Conservative Principles, but in reality has devolved towards progressivism. It is also an alternative to libertarianism.

As said above, mainstream conservatism is at best a debating society and at worst a waiting room for God.  They conserve nothing, exercise no vigor, display no passion, retreat as a matter of course, and have no agenda save mouthing platitudes about reversing whatever the leftists are constructing.  Having flirted with libertarianism through Ron Paul, in my years between the political demise of Pat Buchanan and the rise of the Alt-Right, I found that libertarianism had absolutely no teeth, and, if anything, was more prone to ideological retreat than conservatives, because, “like, whatever, man.”  Libertarians are great people to have as neighbors, but what are needed at this point are ideological shock troops and guerrilla warriors.

3.  The Alt Right is not a defensive attitude and rejects the concept of noble and principled defeat. It is a forward-thinking philosophy of offense, in every sense of that term. The Alt Right believes in victory through persistence and remaining in harmony with science, reality, cultural tradition, and the lessons of history.

America, as a nation, has been back up almost as far at it can go.  Any more pressure and it will collapse into a grey Third World gel.  There is precious little to defend at any rate – conservatives have seen to that.  The principled defeat and “maintaining their integrity” that conservatives seem to champion has a historical precedent – the Imperial Japanese.  A group which foolishly launched a war – several wars – that it had no idea how to prosecute and no resources to sustain, continued to fight a defensive struggle long after the prospect of victory had evaporated.  Isolated garrisons were starved out or overrun, and soon the homeland was in smoldering ruin.  And the Japanese were proud of what they were failing to accomplish, because of the Nobility of Failure.  Ivan Morris addresses this in some depth, but the heirs of Western Civilization have no need of stilted Eastern traditions.  Rather, we should look to what Victor Davis Hanson sees in Carnage and Culture – Western armies and Western men do not fight for honor or booty so much as we fight for the utter annihilation of our adversaries, so that we do not have to fight.  We fight to win, and we are relentless.  Anyone picking a fight with Western Civilization would do very well to remember this.  At any rate, it is too late – the hornet’s nest is being bandied about like a pinata.  It will either fall or it will wreak terrible vengeance on its tormentors.  The Alt-Right is the vehicle of that vengeance.

4. The Alt Right believes Western civilization is the pinnacle of human achievement and supports its three foundational pillars: Christianity, the European nations, and the Graeco-Roman legacy.

In all of human history, the best that humanity could achieve was the enlightened feudalism of dynastic China.  Everything else was a distant second in terms of stability, technology, growth, and culture.  With one exception – the three elements Vox Day outlines above combined to create a human society so dynamic that every major technological advance and most cultural advances in the last 1000 years have arisen from a tiny corner of the Eurasian landmass populated by a small group of pale skinned Neanderthal hybridized humans.  At times rapacious, Western Civilization has always benefited those it has come into contact with, and is the only hope for humanity going forward.  Western Civilization is not an airy concept but a cultural adaptation capable of being transmitted only by the descendants of its progenitors.  This has been a thousand times made plain.  In order to defend against the barbarism of humanity and the oppression of Oriental despotism, Western Civilization must survive, must thrive, and must dominate.

5.  The Alt Right is openly and avowedly nationalist. It supports all nationalisms and the right of all nations to exist, homogeneous and unadulterated by foreign invasion and immigration.

Here I am in total agreement with Vox Day.  Some who hold the Alt-Right mantle up support European or white nationalism, but not the nationalisms of others.  This is illogical and contradictory.  As America was founded by Englishmen for their posterity, Alt-Right nationalism needn’t suffer Fifth columns and a Balkanized country.  In every case, the nationals who are Balkanizing our country have a place of origin – a nation – to return to and we should allow them to do so.  They will have to solve their own problems when they arrive.  We shall solve ours by showing them the exit.

6.  The Alt Right is anti-globalist. It opposes all groups who work for globalist ideals or globalist objectives.

Globalism is a scourge.  It is not a trend, or an idea.  It is the calculating strategy of a cabal of elites to erase the nation-state and replace it with a Babel-ized serfdom.  Those who stand in their way will be eliminated.  America, because of its inherent strengths and its insusceptibility to constant warfare, long withstood the hammer of the globalist.  But through two world wars, a soul crushing Cold War, and defeat in the Culture War, America is broken for the slaughter.  Our dollar is weaponized against the peoples of the world, our military is a tool for instability throughout the globe, and the warped, corrupted version of American culture that crawled out of the No-Man’s-Land of the Culture War now stalks the planet corrupting nations and leaving an oozing slime trail which vengeful nationalists and ideologues can trace back to our homeland for misguided revenge.  Let me be clear:  modern terrorism is a globalist plan.  Demographic collapse is a globalist plan.  Economic malaise is a globalist plan.  As a member of the Alt-Right, I consider it the highest calling to stand firmly against this quasi-Satanic cabal.

7.  The Alt Right is anti-equalitarian. It rejects the idea of equality for the same reason it rejects the ideas of unicorns and leprechauns, noting that human equality does not exist in any observable scientific, legal, material, intellectual, sexual, or spiritual form.

Human endeavor must be based on realism.  Not on wishful thinking, vague Crackerjack box philosophy, or rank ideology.  This is the difference between a Woodrow Wilson and an Otto von Bismarck, between a Neville Chamberlain and a Theodore Roosevelt.  the formers brought death and misery on an unimaginable scale while huffing the airy rhetoric of universality, the latters steered the nations to unity and strength by accurate and manful appraisals of the reality around them.  Perhaps the best mix on optimism and gritty real politick can be found in the progenitors of America – the Washingtons and the Adams – but their appeals to the better angels of the Anglo-Saxon political mind have foundered in the briny seas of equalitarianism, Churchianity and cultural Marxism.What good is an Anglo-Saxon political construct when there are so few remaining non-deracinated Anglo-Saxons?

8.  The Alt Right is scientodific. It presumptively accepts the current conclusions of the scientific method (scientody), while understanding a) these conclusions are liable to future revision, b) that scientistry is susceptible to corruption, and c) that the so-called scientific consensus is not based on scientody, but democracy, and is therefore intrinsically unscientific.

Here Vox Day jabs at the unscientificness of scientists and the Religion of the One True Science they have constructed.  Science is dispassionate, based purely on data and observation, and is subject to change.  Religion, even those of people claiming to practice science, is not.  The Alt Right looks at the evidence of IQ, crime, technological advancement, psychological disposition and cultural anthropology and points out the obvious nexus between them.  One of the more intriguing narrative collapses is the Religion of the One True Science devouring practitioners of science.  One imagine this ends like our current experiment in cultural Marxism – either the end of Western Civilization or a radical purge followed by a (what will seem in comparison) a Golden Age.

9.  The Alt Right believes identity > culture > politics.

In other words, all politics is tribal at its heart.  Pat Buchanan was talking about this explicitly as early as 2008 (about the time Paul Gottfried made his remarks on the formation of an Alt Right based around more than just banal politicking).  There must have been something in the water in 2008.  Indeed there was.  I remember thinking to myself, after looking at the voting returns that made Barack Obama president, that every single person who had voted for Obama was a traitor.  A traitor not to race, but to conscience, intellect, and decorum as they fell over themselves to vote in an unvetted nobody based purely on what (((some people)) wrote on a teleprompter and a hue of skin.  As far as traitors to race go, the real treachery, to me, was that blacks in America had thrown in their lot with a half-African internationalist playboy.  Nothing further from the black American experience – as has been borne out in his contempt for the plight of inner city blacks, instead choosing to agitate the “bitter clingers” in the hopes of sparking a race war.  What Obama has done in his eight years is to pare away the distinctions and fantasies that many in this country held about a post-racial polity.  It turns out Mohammed Ali and Marcus Garvey were right after all and the sooner their visions become reality, the better chance America has to avoid the fate of Yugoslavia.

10.  The Alt Right is opposed to the rule or domination of any native ethnic group by another, particularly in the sovereign homelands of the dominated peoples. The Alt Right is opposed to any non-native ethnic group obtaining excessive influence in any society through nepotism, tribalism, or any other means.

This is an important point that I think will cause the most discussion/dissension in the Alt Right and between the Alt Right and potential allies.  It is clear that Vox Day, who has written both about his Native American heritage and the undue influence of (((others))) in the America, has certain cases in mind.  I think this is also meant more generally.  But it raises some interesting questions, particularly vis-a-vis Isarel.  Vox Day has written that he supports claims of Zionists to their ancestral lands, but Point 10 clearly validates the right of Palestinian Arabs to occupy the whole of that territory.  Ditto Australia and Aborigines and, one would suppose, the case of Native Americans imprisoned on wastelands in America.  So do we revert to a Alexandrian “Rule by the Strongest?”  Or does voluntary out-migration take its course?  I suspect that we will see both.  The Marxian mad science of the last 60 years has turned national ethnic strongholds into polyglot boarding houses – to the point where “Swede” means snaggle-toothed Somali retrograde.  It is a portrait of Yugoslavia in miniature draw together, one imagines, for the same reason, (Marshal Tito knew he could control the disparate state is he intermingled creeds, religions, and ethnicities) and with likely the same result (a general slaughter until such time as the creeds, ethnicities and religions are back in their starting positions.  The places that looked like this under the fruits of multi-culturalism, now look like this.  The blood of the people of Yugoslavia are on the hands of those who mashed the nations together into a state, from the Versailles table to Tito’s dying breath.  Similarly, if America is to devolve into such a state the blood will be on the hands of the multi-culturalists, cultural Marxist, and their cuckservative enablers.

11.  The Alt Right understands that diversity + proximity = war.

Well, it certainly is interesting that every idea that flows from elaboration of the previous concept is the next point.  I think it’s the mark of a organized regimen of thinking which is why Vox Day is one of my intellectual heroes.  As stated above, the greater diversity possessed within the greater the need for state power.  Either this state power needs to be maintained with ever greater force as diversity grows (force projected inward by police or force projected outward in the form of distractory wars) or state power falls apart in a collapse and cleansing takes place.  The hope of the Alt Right is that this mad exercise of state power can be dismantled swiftly.  We are beginning to feel the tremors of an earthquake and know if we don’t dismantle quickly the roof will collapse and chaos will be upon us.

12.  The Alt Right doesn’t care what you think of it.

Despite being a titanic contrarian and general pain in the ass, I had always conceived of politics as something that, at least at the very base, needed to appeal to the broadest majority of people.  This was when I was stupid.  In studying the rise of such diverse regimes as the American revolutionary Patriots, the Nazi Party and the SJW Progressives, I realized that the broad majority of people merely move as a herd in response to the strongest voice laying claim to the best interests of an individual.  In that calculus, the mincing of words does not enter.  Instead, strength of cause and purpose do matter, and people will respond to their best interests.  This is why immigrants and the lazy vote Democrat.  This is why white America is responding to Trump with a unity unseen in American politics.  And like both of those, the Alt Right has no need to temper its message, which is one for the times:  “The age of nationalism is upon us and globalism is in its death throes.  We will kill the beast.”  Think what you will.

13.  The Alt Right rejects international free trade and the free movement of peoples that free trade requires. The benefits of intranational free trade is not evidence for the benefits of international free trade.

As a Buchanan acolyte of old, this is music to my ears.  Vox Day argues against free trade with the fervor of a convert.  Though economics intrigues me, the number crunching smoke-and-mirrors never appealed to me.  But I can draw a lesson from history.  The originator of free trade, and its most prolific practitioner was the United Kingdom.  What one can see is that the deeper they got into free trade, the more of their empire they lost to sharks like the United States, Germany, and Japan, who rejected such foolish notions.  That was then.  Now, free trade not only entails the economic suicide demonstrated by the British Empire, but it includes demographic suicide as well.  Free trade of today is code for the capture of political institutions by transnational corporations, working for Almighty Lucre, and of transnational globalists, working for transnational globalism.

14.  The Alt Right believes we must secure the existence of white people and a future for white children.

A key point.  Researching it, I see that Vox Day has chosen to be deliberately provocative with the choice of words and the numbering of the point.  But this exemplifies both his commitment to having no enemies to the right, of not caring what others say, and of the specific nature of the Alt Right.  The Alt Right was birthed out of the failure of the Republican party to secure native interests, conserve political or cultural traditions, or to protect the borders that had been set by white America.  The Alt Right, though it may include many others, is a movement borne of white frustration with demise of their nation.  The birthright of the Declaration of Independence, Manifest Destiny, and the victory of World War II (won, it seems, at the price of our souls) has been sold out for a mess of multi-cultural pottage and an equalitarian spoon with which to eat it.  That other white nations are experiencing the same thing at the same time is serendipitous and means we can struggle, as Monty Python said, together.

15.  The Alt Right does not believe in the general supremacy of any race, nation, people, or sub-species. Every race, nation, people, and human sub-species has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and possesses the sovereign right to dwell unmolested in the native culture it prefers.

My introduction to the Alt Right comes from Vox Day.  With the explosion of interest in the Alt Right, courtesy of it’s lunatic arch enemy, Hillary Clinton, I found that there was a strain of Alt Rightism which had migrated from NRx or white supremacist movements (some claim that these are the true fathers of the Alt Right, a claim I dispute).  Their overriding concern was with the tribal and ethic conflict at hand and the prospect of white genocide.  Vox Day’s strain of rightism has been focused on the preservation of Western Civilization and sees white genetic cultural and social traits as a necessary precursor to W.C.’s continuation.  He details this in a recent piece.  This is to say, the Alt White is concerned with whiteness as the end game, details to be worked out later, and Alt West is concerned with the preservation of Western Civilization, of which whiteness happens to be an integral part.  If I have to delineate myself, I am more concerned with the Alt West side of the argument.

16.  The Alt Right is a philosophy that values peace among the various nations of the world and opposes wars to impose the values of one nation upon another as well as efforts to exterminate individual nations through war, genocide, immigration, or genetic assimilation.

This is the answer to Point 10.  It is imminently logical too.  War is an event too horrific to witness.  I say this not as a flower-braiding hippie, but as a devout student of war and its effects.  War also tends to bring out the worst in a society.  The patriotic die and the grifters, low-lifes, and women remake the surviving society in their image.  If you want proof, look not further than what happened to Japan, a society so masculine, they used to slice open their stomachs to make a point.  They are now the land of “herbivore males,” sexual deviancy and deficiency, and shut-ins.  The greatest strength of Western Civilization, and Western peoples in general is their ability to get along.  “But Valdarr,” you say, “Western people have been killing each other forever!”  True.  But here’s the thing.  They kill each other for one reason and one reason only:  To stop having to kill each other.  Victor Davis Hanson brilliantly portrays this in his Carnage and Culture book, which looks at how and why  Western armies fight.  His conclusion (thought you really should treat yourself to the book) is that Western armies fight wars of annihilation, designed to bring the conflict to as swift and decisive and end as possible.  Common sense?  No.  For one, this is not how “the rest” fights.  One needs no further proof than to look at  World War I, fought over only 4 years, and the “War on Terror,” fought over the entire life of our current crop of high school students.  In one we fought the western way.  In the other, we engaged in petty spats with the disliked neighbor of a hill-bound goatherd.  More on this in another post, but this point is also made by Jared Diamond (that non-western war has much higher casualty ratios than western warfare – he compared New Guinea tribal warfare unfavorably to the Battle of the Somme) and Col. Dave Grossman (who argued that western armies will avoid skirmishing until a critical point at which an individual, possibly psychotic, leads them to a bloody denouement after which it is found most of the killing was done by only 10% of the body of men.)  Men of the West are men of 1) strength and 2) peace.



Let us begin

Herein, I hope to achieve three things:

  •  To document, for myself as much as anyone else, the rapidly changing nature of socio-politics in America.
  • To develop my own thoughts, political, economic, national, and social, on the page, both as a catharsis to myself and as a service to the growing ranks of the Alt-Right, with whom I identify.
  • To improve my ability to organize these thoughts, engage in debate if possible and to continue to operate the torch as some writers of the older generation fade.

I will comment of current events, provide my own thoughts on continuing developments and others’ thoughts, and just for fun sometimes, engage in a little Patrick McManus style writing.

I’ve been following politics since I was a youngster.  Sometime around the time the Soviet Union was collapsing, my dad thrust a Patrick Buchanan column in my face.  I promptly forgot about it until I was cleaning my room one day and the prospect of a diversionary read seemed like a welcome respite from the drudgery of organizing my own mess.

I cannot recall the topic but I do remember that he wrote with such clarity, passion, and intelligence that I was ready to hear whatever he had to say next.  It dawned on me reading his words – things that seemed so common sense that they obviated elucidation – that the reason he was writing was because there were people out there who didn’t agree with him.  This shocked me, as I could imagine no one who could disagree with someone who talked boldly of saving American jobs, the importance of faith and culture, and the inherent worth of the United States and Western civilization in general.  But as I began to look around, I saw that these ideas he espoused were indeed besieged – this was in the midst of California Governor Pete Wilson working to restrict illegal immigration through propositions.  He won in every case – the Californian people won in every case – and then had their sovereign expressed will snatched by a black robed junta.  California descended rapidly into the blue hell-hole for which it is known today.  None of this was lost on me (nor on many of my peers, dozens of whom fled the state within a decade of graduation from high school).

Though I doubt that my parents were aware of it, their overly perceptive son was keeping a close eye on the financial situation of the family.  In one of the closets, my dad kept all of his financial records.  He had his pay-stubs taped end to end on the inside of the door, going back years.  Though his pay continued to increase he was never able to make bigger payments on the house – his wage was literally stagnating before my eyes.  This is something that will surely be covered later on but it impressed me sufficiently that I watched politics, culture and economic in tandem – saw them as three heads on the same beast.

I also saw over that 90’s decade, the Republican Party strip Buchanan of his legitimacy, rob him of his presidential aspirations (less aspirations more saving the GOP from itself, actually), and proceed to sell out not only the Cold War peace dividend but their own constituency.  A generation that should have never known want experienced the worst unemployment in the nations history.  A generation that should have lived in a secure nation, now reside in a polyglot boarding house at the sufferance of the nuclear powers America’s leaders insist on antagonizing.  A generation that should have experienced the “end of history,” will, courtesy of the insane, megalomaniac, demonic policies of a neo-feudal elite, likely experience the end of Western Civilization.

I stand opposed to them.  I am not naive enough to think that we can once again have what was already in our grasp not two decades ago, but I am sufficiently pissed off to make sure that this elite is not only undone, but that Western Civilization, with all that means and stands for, once again recaptures the initiative of history.

I consider the 1965 Immigration Act to be one of the most destructive pieces of legislation in American history.  It fundamentally changed all aspects of America going forward and represented the moment the Progressive planted their flag in the capital.  Everything since has been a mopping up action on their part, the rear-guard action on the right fought by foppish elites, Fabian and neo-con fifth columnists, and Marquess of Queensbury-style conservatives – the type who relish a good challenge, old chap, but wouldn’t dare think to fight for keeps.

Now the fight has moved out of the capitols, out of the cities, out of the schools, and has moved to the hinterland of the internet – the last refuge of the harried nationalist.  Like the Wolverines from that glorious movie Red Dawn, this is a battle which will be won, it will be fought by those with the most vigor, and it will proceed to march through the institutions of the West, like a nanite swarm, repairing the broken joints and fetid timbers, until those who brought war to us and our civilization are vanquished.  It took a thousand years, millions of lives, untold pain and agony to arrive in the world we had in 1952, in 1965.  We will return there.  Perhaps ours will be a generation of war, to bring the generation of peace, as John Adams spoke about.  We shall see.