The 48 Star Nation


When trying to figure out what to name this blog I reflected on the MAGA slogan Trump has been using.  It’s hard for us to pinpoint exactly when we went off the rails but there’s no shortage of fodder – Roe v Wade, the Immigration Act of 1965 (I’m on record stating this in 2010), the Federal Reserve Act, the Spanish American War.  And it really is hard to say.

As bad as things had gotten vis-a-vis the imperial manifest destiny, the collapse of the “several states” during the War of Northern Aggression, and the raucous and bawdy nature of recent Italian and Irish immigrants, in 1912, when the US admitted New Mexico and Arizona to the Union and hoisted a 48 star flag, the country could still look behind it and see the shadows of the Forefathers on the distant horizon.  With the ascension of Woodrow Wilson as moralist-in-chief those shadows were to grow long with the setting sun and eventually fade.  By the time Hawaii and Alaska were admitted as states, the seeds of our current conflagration were planted.  Eisenhower, in his farewell address (something I hope to look at here in the future), more or less foretold the doom encroaching.  Indeed within 30 years of Alaska and Hawaii coming in, large numbers of those states populations were clamoring to get out – perhaps because they were closest to the door.

Some people may look at the blog title and think  that I have something against our last two states, which, in the case of Alaska could not be further from the truth.  Rather, it is a look not at America in the 50s, but at America in 1912.  1912 is, for me, the last stop at Willoughby.  It is probably too late to reclaim what was lost after 1912, but it’s never too late to enjoy the scenery in retrospect.  We may not be able to look over our shoulders and see the Founders silhouetted on the horizon, but we can look back and see our kin of 1912 gazing at that horizon and wonder what it would have been like to have such an America.  That is the 48 Star Nation.


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