Let us begin

Herein, I hope to achieve three things:

  •  To document, for myself as much as anyone else, the rapidly changing nature of socio-politics in America.
  • To develop my own thoughts, political, economic, national, and social, on the page, both as a catharsis to myself and as a service to the growing ranks of the Alt-Right, with whom I identify.
  • To improve my ability to organize these thoughts, engage in debate if possible and to continue to operate the torch as some writers of the older generation fade.

I will comment of current events, provide my own thoughts on continuing developments and others’ thoughts, and just for fun sometimes, engage in a little Patrick McManus style writing.

I’ve been following politics since I was a youngster.  Sometime around the time the Soviet Union was collapsing, my dad thrust a Patrick Buchanan column in my face.  I promptly forgot about it until I was cleaning my room one day and the prospect of a diversionary read seemed like a welcome respite from the drudgery of organizing my own mess.

I cannot recall the topic but I do remember that he wrote with such clarity, passion, and intelligence that I was ready to hear whatever he had to say next.  It dawned on me reading his words – things that seemed so common sense that they obviated elucidation – that the reason he was writing was because there were people out there who didn’t agree with him.  This shocked me, as I could imagine no one who could disagree with someone who talked boldly of saving American jobs, the importance of faith and culture, and the inherent worth of the United States and Western civilization in general.  But as I began to look around, I saw that these ideas he espoused were indeed besieged – this was in the midst of California Governor Pete Wilson working to restrict illegal immigration through propositions.  He won in every case – the Californian people won in every case – and then had their sovereign expressed will snatched by a black robed junta.  California descended rapidly into the blue hell-hole for which it is known today.  None of this was lost on me (nor on many of my peers, dozens of whom fled the state within a decade of graduation from high school).

Though I doubt that my parents were aware of it, their overly perceptive son was keeping a close eye on the financial situation of the family.  In one of the closets, my dad kept all of his financial records.  He had his pay-stubs taped end to end on the inside of the door, going back years.  Though his pay continued to increase he was never able to make bigger payments on the house – his wage was literally stagnating before my eyes.  This is something that will surely be covered later on but it impressed me sufficiently that I watched politics, culture and economic in tandem – saw them as three heads on the same beast.

I also saw over that 90’s decade, the Republican Party strip Buchanan of his legitimacy, rob him of his presidential aspirations (less aspirations more saving the GOP from itself, actually), and proceed to sell out not only the Cold War peace dividend but their own constituency.  A generation that should have never known want experienced the worst unemployment in the nations history.  A generation that should have lived in a secure nation, now reside in a polyglot boarding house at the sufferance of the nuclear powers America’s leaders insist on antagonizing.  A generation that should have experienced the “end of history,” will, courtesy of the insane, megalomaniac, demonic policies of a neo-feudal elite, likely experience the end of Western Civilization.

I stand opposed to them.  I am not naive enough to think that we can once again have what was already in our grasp not two decades ago, but I am sufficiently pissed off to make sure that this elite is not only undone, but that Western Civilization, with all that means and stands for, once again recaptures the initiative of history.

I consider the 1965 Immigration Act to be one of the most destructive pieces of legislation in American history.  It fundamentally changed all aspects of America going forward and represented the moment the Progressive planted their flag in the capital.  Everything since has been a mopping up action on their part, the rear-guard action on the right fought by foppish elites, Fabian and neo-con fifth columnists, and Marquess of Queensbury-style conservatives – the type who relish a good challenge, old chap, but wouldn’t dare think to fight for keeps.

Now the fight has moved out of the capitols, out of the cities, out of the schools, and has moved to the hinterland of the internet – the last refuge of the harried nationalist.  Like the Wolverines from that glorious movie Red Dawn, this is a battle which will be won, it will be fought by those with the most vigor, and it will proceed to march through the institutions of the West, like a nanite swarm, repairing the broken joints and fetid timbers, until those who brought war to us and our civilization are vanquished.  It took a thousand years, millions of lives, untold pain and agony to arrive in the world we had in 1952, in 1965.  We will return there.  Perhaps ours will be a generation of war, to bring the generation of peace, as John Adams spoke about.  We shall see.


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